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REVIVAL - Re-capturing the style of the American 40's & 50's - With Purpose!



revival trailers

revival trailers

revival catering trailers


Importing and restoring vintage aluminium trailers from the United States, to use as catering units and many other business applications is becoming more and more popular. Little wonder, considering their eye catching looks and iconic styling. A well presented example will certainly get you noticed and remembered.

The problem is, the supply of usable examples is finite, and rapidly diminishing, meaning the standard of trailer landing in the UK is getting lower and lower, they are costing more and more to restore, suffering from corroded chassis, rotting floors and bodywork which is literally coming apart at the seams. Some of them are of course over 60 years old.

They were also originally built as holiday trailers with lightweight interiors and not designed to carry the sort of heavy equipment used in a modern catering unit. 

The solution is REVIVAL TRAILERS.

Revival Trailers recapture all the classic styling and presence of the originals, but in a completely new hand built trailer, which takes all the desirable aspects of the original, and blends it with the benefits of the most modern materials and engineering methods.

The cost of a new Revival Trailer will often work out to be less than buying, importing and restoring a vintage example, will be just as stylish and be a brand new and guaranteed product, designed to work hard for your business, not just for two weeks holiday a year!

Total aluminium protection with our new clearcoat.

Revival Trailers now offer a protective coating over the entire outer body shell of their trailers. This is a high technology product which chemically bonds to the metal surface and is used in the aerospace industry, for example on wing edges and engines of passenger jets, so it is no gimmick, and is not to be confused with normal clear laquers which will peel from polished metal surfaces. This will eliminate the need to polish your trailer for many years to come and offer full corrosion protection. It is also graffiti proof! It has been subjected to a 3000hour salt spray test, (the equivalent to 3 years outdoors in a tropical climate) with astonishing results.


revival interior



Revival trailers can be supplied as a lined shell, including insulation, interior cladding and lighting, or with a choice of catering fit outs, and are available in five sizes, 15, 17, 19, 21, and 24ft. The 15, 17 and 19ft models are single axle, while the 21 and 24ft are double axle.

Revival trailers are all hand built to order, by a small team of craftsmen who you can rely on to provide you with a unique and high quality product. 


For further information, please contact Revival Trailers: TEL: (01384) 936073, Email:, Web:


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