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Sci-fi street light or Apple-designed magic wand? The HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout is neither, but it’s sure to impress.



Chill, pour and preserve your wine right at the table with the HOST Chill Cooling Pour Spout, a quite brilliant kitchen gadget. No need for ice buckets or (heaven forbid) ice cubes in your glass, this ingenious wand fits into any wine bottle, acting as cooler and stopper in one.

How does it work? Just chill the HOST along with your wine in the fridge (two hours should do it). When you’re ready to serve, pour your first glass of wine then fit the HOST into the bottle. Each time you pour, the HOST acts as a spout, perfectly chilling your wine as it leaves the bottle – pretty handy when you’re out in the garden, or any distance from the fridge, in fact.

Speaking of fridges, the HOST comes with its own handy stopper. So if you want to save the rest of the bottle for another day, simply pop it in the top and return the whole lot to the fridge. Now that is magic.


Product Lowdown
•    Chill, pour and preserve your wine
•    Fits into any bottle to cool your wine right at the table
•    Air-tight, removable stopper preserves your wine
•    For reds, make sure the bottle is at room temperature before serving. For whites, pre-chill the bottle for 2 hours in the fridge or 15 minutes in the freezer.

•    54 x 55 x 347mm (boxed). 25 x 25 x 315 mm (actual size)
•    Weight: 250g

Available now in 4 summery shades – lime, pink, blue & grey (it is the UK). £19.99 each, at cooler-than-Fonzie retailer, The Fowndry.


For more information email: or call 07590 487276


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